Women With Tattoos – Be A Part Of This Incredible Photography Project

The Woman with Tattoos – A photographic project to demystify her By Sanjukta Basu A search for the ‘self’ behind the tattoo, to demystify the identity of a woman with tattoos. To break the stereotypes against her. In July 2017 I toured five Indian Metro cities to find women with tattoos. I met around 15 women ofContinue reading “Women With Tattoos – Be A Part Of This Incredible Photography Project”

Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth

Women are genetically designed to be competitive, jealous and hate each other. We hear this myth a lot and several incidents maybe cited to prove it. But what we think is mere genes or psychology and therefore objective science do not actually exist in isolation. They are part of thousands of years of social conditioning. BeingContinue reading “Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth”

Documentary Photography for NGO MAMTA HIMC

I recently worked on a writing and documentary photography project for Delhi based NGO MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child to create content for a coffee table book they are going to publish, which would chronicle 25 years of the organization’s journey. As part of the project I conducted research, data collection, interviews, story writing,Continue reading “Documentary Photography for NGO MAMTA HIMC”

The woman and her sewing machine – portrait of Indian middle class mother in 70s-80s

Originally posted on This Is My Truth:
The Singer sewing machine is a cultural symbol from a bygone era. Every woman or man has their own memory and story around the Singer machine. My mom’s story begins when at the age of 11 she lost her mother. The sound of her mother working on the…

Maternity and Baby Photography: Few recent shots

I have not done a lot of maternity and baby photography professionally, but it is something I love doing. Professional motherhood or pregnancy or breast feeding photo shoot is still not that common in India. Indian women are still not comfortable to show or flaunt their pregnancy bumps. Though breast feeding is commonly seen itContinue reading “Maternity and Baby Photography: Few recent shots”

The Wedding Day Labourers

Regards and gratitude to the labor class on this May day. The countless of them around us, making our day to day lives easy with their hard work. The elite class owes it to you. This May day, my tribute to the wedding day labourers of the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Marriages are made inContinue reading “The Wedding Day Labourers”