Maternity and Baby Photography: Few recent shots

I have not done a lot of maternity and baby photography professionally, but it is something I love doing. Professional motherhood or pregnancy or breast feeding photo shoot is still not that common in India. Indian women are still not comfortable to show or flaunt their pregnancy bumps. Though breast feeding is commonly seen it is usually the financially weaker class at public spaces like railway station or bus stops or markets. High society mothers hanging out in pubs and malls do not breast feed their babies in public.

Some still consider it vulgur which is just bizarre considering we put so much divinity on motherhood. That is India’s greatest hypocrisy, we say motherhood is divine, but shun every thing related to it, like sex, and display of your pregnant womb or talk about your vagina. Well, you cannot become mother without having sex and that womb and vagina is where we all came from.

Here I am presenting photos of my sister, my niece, my best friend and few others.

maternity portrait

Riya maternity-3

snigdha before Adu's birth
My best friend with her daughter, few hours before the delivery of her second child, a son
Mishka before Adu's birth
Excited for the arrival of her sibling, mommy will I get a brother or sister?

riya rosa with border

Rosa reading magazine
My niece busy reading a newspaper
ma with rosa
Smiling with grandma
merry christmas-2
A kid at the mall catching up with Santa Claus

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