Women With Tattoos – Be A Part Of This Incredible Photography Project

The Woman with Tattoos – A photographic project to demystify her By Sanjukta Basu A search for the ‘self’ behind the tattoo, to demystify the identity of a woman with tattoos. To break the stereotypes against her. In July 2017 I toured five Indian Metro cities to find women with tattoos. I met around 15 women of…

Powerful Portraits of Miss Tibet Pema Choedon

Pema represents 2nd generation young Tibetans growing up in this capital city and their aspirations and life goals

Rural Women With Wisdom In Their Eyes

They may be semi-literate or even illiterate, but the rural Indian women I meet during my travels have such a spark in their eyes, and a poignant face.

Maternity and Baby Photography: Few recent shots

I have not done a lot of maternity and baby photography professionally, but it is something I love doing. Professional motherhood or pregnancy or breast feeding photo shoot is still not that common in India. Indian women are still not comfortable to show or flaunt their pregnancy bumps. Though breast feeding is commonly seen it…

Friends & Family Portraits

In a wedding, the bride is the VIP of the day, so a photographer’s camera is mostly fixed on the bride. But, I keep myself alert about what the friends and family are doing, and make sure I capture some of the best candid portraits of them. Here’s some of my personal favorite ones.