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Writer. Photographer. Lawyer. Research Scholar. Feminist.

Gender And Public Space

I travel solo with my camera to document how men and women use public space differently, and how the gender based space segregation or public private divide is at the root of women’s stunted access to health, education, economy and so on. Two main products have come out of this work over the years, Project SWBT and Where Are The Women – 5 Cities Tour.


From September 2017 to June 2018 I’ve traveled with Karwan-e-Mohabbat to various parts of India to meet the families of those killed in mob lynching or other hate crimes. It has been a life altering experience. The stories and photos documented by me are now part of two separate books on the Karwan journey. If you want to buy my work get in touch. Read more and view photos here.


Women With Tattoos

A visual documentary demystify her, de-stereotype  the woman with tattoo, capturing the stories behind their tattoos and how it is a part of their identity. Not all who have a tattoo are wild and slutty. I met and photographed 15 women with tattoos of various backgrounds and immensely powerful and poignant stories emerged or violence, pain, heartbreak, triumph, courage. Read more here.

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I am a photographer to make people feel good and beautiful, and their stories be heard. I’ve no full time job. I live on a day to day basis, traveling, collecting stories and images. Please support my work by donations. To view my portfolio, visit my blog or my Behance Portfolio.

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I am also a political writer, and pursuing a PhD in women and gender studies. I conduct gender workshops. Please visit my main website for more.


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A Woman with many hats, but no umbrella. Sanjukta Basu, writer, photographer, lawyer, feminist researcher. All that and penniless. Check the photography website of India’s top feminist photographer.