The night in and outside my bedroom

It’s 3 am. The sky outside is thundering and pouring. I can’t sleep. I find the night so much more interesting than day, that I don’t feel like sleeping over it. Right now, all is quiet. Am alone in my room, on my bed. This space is so secure, so comfortable, so completely mine. No intruders,Continue reading “The night in and outside my bedroom”

Don’t take the odd man out

This is one of those pics you can use for LGBT rights activism or even against racial discrimination. It was taken in the Coonoor railway station. There is a railyway factory its dark, dingy, the walls, window panes everything around was blackened with all the smoke and grease. Except for those few colored glasses. They stand asContinue reading “Don’t take the odd man out”


I spotted this on the way from Ooty to Bangalore, this is when we have just left Ooty. We stopped over to shoot the sunset and a little down the hilly path inside a bush was this hidden, abandoned bicycle. I found it very intriguing. Why would anybody abandon it like this, it seems the ownerContinue reading “Abandoned”