Why I Travel Solo In India

I am happy to share that an article on my SWBT‬ (Single Woman Budget Traveler) experiences are up on the TED Fellows Medium channel. In the piece I have shared why and how did I think of traveling solo in India, what were my experiences and learning. I have learned that female solo travel in India…

Murshidabad: Haunting Images of the Glorious Ruins

If Ruins Tourism is your thing, you cannot miss Murshidabad, the erstwhile capital of Bengal during Mughal times, and the center of commerce and administration during British times. Murshidabad is dotted with ruins of its glorious past in every nook and corner which is heart breaking to say the least. You cannot help but wonder…

Samastipur to Jalpaiguri, a memorable adventurous journey

The Journey It was the time when we went to my sister’s wedding reception in Samastipur, Roshra Road, Bihar. We traveled from our ancestral home in Jalpaiguri to Samastipur by an SUV and the journey was an experience, one of its kind. We started in the evening around 8 pm from Jalpaiguri. It’s a distance of…

Lost in transit

Somewhere someone is always waiting for something to arrive. And somewhere something is always waiting to be delivered. Some are lost in transit.

Street Art 2

This pic was taken from a KSRTC bus. We were in a conducted tour to Mysore, Ooty, Coonoor. The bus had stopped over somewhere along the road and I clicked it. A detailed report on the trip is on my main blog, click here.