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sanjukta basu self portrait-15Candid & Contemporary Documentary Style Wedding Photography, Stylized Couple Shoots, Travel and Documentaries, Events, Feminist Themes  ~ At New Delhi ~ For Sample / Portfolio email me at sanjukta[dot]basu23[at]gmail[dot]com

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I am a Delhi based female candid, artistic and documentary style wedding photographer. I am a lawyer turned photographer, having learned the art on my own. I love to shoot weddings for the sheer joy and beauty that surrounds every wedding. I capture weddings in the most authentic documentary style so that the photographs are not just beautiful, stand alone, but also weave a wedding story.

Feminist Photographer: I am a feminist with a camera trying to capture woman in her myriad hues, moods, trials and tribulations. I use my work to fill gender gap in popular culture.

Story Teller: I am a story teller and capture human interest stories through my photos. I love to take portraits, because every individual face has a story and because I love to make people feel beautiful.

Traveller: I travel solo on a budget to various places in India to explore questions of gender and public space, gender, travel, safety, and photo document my experiences. You can follow my solo woman budget travel experiences on

Writer: I write about women, gender, patriarchy, love, emotions, sexuality, films, advertising, popular culture and more. I am a Freelance Feature writer for various media houses.

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Sanjukta Basu is a Social Media and Communications Consultant, Feminist Scholar, Traveller, Writer, and Photographer.

She is one of India’s early bloggers having started her first blog in 2004. Her blog ‘This Is My Truth’ is a personal blog where she shares her life’s personal experiences questioning the line between personal and political.  She also writes about feminism, sexuality, human rights, religion, politics, feminist interpretation of films and advertisement.  She also regularly contributes to Huffington Post India, Women’s Web and several other web platforms.

In a span of 10 years her blog TIMT alone has published over 400 posts, which received over 550,000 unique page views and 2915 comments. Several of her blog posts have gone viral and have been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook and Twitter. She has been an active founder member of the Delhi and Bangalore bloggers community and under her leadership several community initiative have been successfully implemented, Bangalore Blogathon, Bloggers Collective at Bangalore Barcamp, Delhi Bloggers Meet with BBC, Free Hug campaign against Mangalore pub attack to name a few. Her blogging and community activities have received considerable online repute, media accolades (BBC World Radio, NDTV, Indian Express, The Hindu, Bangalore Mirror) and won her a TED Fellowship in Nov 2009.

Sanjukta is a public speaker who has spoken at several of India’s significant conferences and workshops on social media, digital media and social entrepreneurship including two TEDx events, namely, TEDxDTU (video) and TEDxITMU (Video). She has over 10 years of experience as trainer and guest lecturer at media colleges and NGO workshops on social media and blogging, including APJ School of Media and Communications, Centre for Science and Environment, Feminist Approach to Technology to name a few.

In 2010 she started a social enterprise, ‘Samyukta Media‘ to enable NGOs, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and other unlikely groups realize the power of social & digital media and benefit from the internet revolution.

Currently, Sanjukta is involved in various self-initiated and self-funded writing, traveling and photography projects. To name a few, there is Single Woman Budget Traveller which is a photo documentary on Gender and Space. Sanjukta is an accomplished photographer; her photos have been exhibited in India and published in various national and International magazines. Some of the photos of Gender and Space project can be seen on Facebook album.

Sanjukta has a Bachelor degree in law, and over 10 years of work experience in multiple industries including High Court, Corporate Real Estate; Development Sector (Women Rights, Women Law); Digital communication (writing, editing, photography, content management). In some of her recent roles, she managed the Communications for PRIA, coordinated the Internet Outreach for Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell) Campaign by NGO Breakthrough and provided consultancy to Point Of View, Mumbai in launching their new website. Besides the formal Law degree she also completed diploma in Labour Law from Indian Law Institute, Certificate course in Sexually Rights Institute by TAARSHI and CREA, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneur’s program.


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  1. I was always one of those girls who shy away from the camera, who fidget a lot when they are asked to pose for a snap. Then eventually at one point of my life came my wedding day. If on any other day I was conscious about how I look in photos that day was a nightmare. You get married only once in a lifetime. And you have only a few shots in those brief moments when the main events of your wedding are going on. And you are so involved in the ceremony that you can’t make sure you are looking perfect before each snap is taken. Still I wanted to look perfect that day.

    Ours was a love marriage. I and my husband are professors in the same university where we met soon after we both joined. It was a job away from my home and my friends came to know about him only when I broke the news of my marriage. They asked me to tell them our love story, how we fell in love, expecting, of course, a dreamy and romantic answer. I was however at a loss of words. We are not dreamy romantic people. We fell in love over books and academic arguments. What kind of a love story were we to narrate? It was not an exchange of glances but of ideas that ignited something between us, it was not a walk in the green valley that brought us together but an exploration of the history of the small town being erased by malls and others monsters of “modernity”. I was afraid of boring my friends with such details and so just said “well we don’t have a love story”.

    When someone suggested me to have a candid wedding photography album I was afraid it would put me in the same awkward situation. I did not want an album that would reveal that we do not fit into the typical frame of a mushy couple. I had seen pre-wedding couple shoots and wedding photography by leading candid photographers and I could not relate to them. They were lovey dovey photos of men and women who looked like models. I could not imagine me and my husband posing like that. But then I met Sanjukta. She convinced me and my husband that she would not ask us to give embarrassing poses and fake emotions. She said for the pre-wedding shoot she would just spend some time with us in our normal surroundings and capture special moments out of it. We were relieved and gave it a shot.

    The results were amazing. Her photographs showed that a couple can have a romantic moment when they are in their pajamas checking their respective bundle of answer sheets. The couple shoot made us look like a dreamy romantic couple but without taking away even an ounce of the real people we were. After that I was confident that she would take lovely pictures of our wedding but even then all I was expecting was to look beautiful in my wedding dress. But Sanjukta has not just captured my looks but the happiness I was feeling deep within on that special day. In fact she has captured the happy tears in my mother’s eyes, the naughty smile on the dulha’s saalis (my cousin sisters and friends) and even the sweat of the people working in the kitchen. For all the Suraj Barjatiya films that I have loved all my life my wedding album, created by Sanjukta Basu is the most beautiful, step by step documentation of the beauty, sanctity, love and fun present in a Hindu marriage. On top of that she has captured beautifully the different traditions and rituals of both my side and my husband’s side highlighting the harmony in our inter-community marriage. I now have an album that conveys much more about us as individuals and a couple than I ever thought photographs could. I think good frames, angle and lighting are skills that all photographers would have but few will have the vision that Sanjukta has that makes her find the beauty and uniqueness in each person and each couple which enables her to capture it in her photography. I will forever be indebted to her for making such a perfect wedding album which will always let me proudly say that ours was an extraordinary wedding and we do have an extraordinary love story.


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