Asmita Theater Group Performed in Sonepat

Founded by Arvind Gaur, the Asmita Theatre Group is a 25 year old street and protest theater group. The group performs socially relevant theaters to register protest, raise social awareness. In it’s long history the group has never produced or performed commercial plays, though the artists are professional and doing this for a living, the cause stillContinue reading “Asmita Theater Group Performed in Sonepat”

Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth

Women are genetically designed to be competitive, jealous and hate each other. We hear this myth a lot and several incidents maybe cited to prove it. But what we think is mere genes or psychology and therefore objective science do not actually exist in isolation. They are part of thousands of years of social conditioning. BeingContinue reading “Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth”

The Wedding Day Labourers

Regards and gratitude to the labor class on this May day. The countless of them around us, making our day to day lives easy with their hard work. The elite class owes it to you. This May day, my tribute to the wedding day labourers of the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Marriages are made inContinue reading “The Wedding Day Labourers”