Women With Tattoos – Be A Part Of This Incredible Photography Project

The Woman with Tattoos – A photographic project to demystify her By Sanjukta Basu A search for the ‘self’ behind the tattoo, to demystify the identity of a woman with tattoos. To break the stereotypes against her. In July 2017 I toured five Indian Metro cities to find women with tattoos. I met around 15 women ofContinue reading “Women With Tattoos – Be A Part Of This Incredible Photography Project”

Women Of Nizamuddin Basti – How AKTC Is Changing Their Lives

First published on Firstpost. “So much changed. When there was a wedding in the family, for the first time I did my own shopping. I felt so good that I didn’t have to ask my father or bother,” said Rukhsar happily. “She isn’t married” chipped in Farah from another corner intending to explain why RukhsarContinue reading “Women Of Nizamuddin Basti – How AKTC Is Changing Their Lives”

Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth

Women are genetically designed to be competitive, jealous and hate each other. We hear this myth a lot and several incidents maybe cited to prove it. But what we think is mere genes or psychology and therefore objective science do not actually exist in isolation. They are part of thousands of years of social conditioning. BeingContinue reading “Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth”

Why I Travel Solo In India

I am happy to share that an article on my SWBT‬ (Single Woman Budget Traveler) experiences are up on the TED Fellows Medium channel. In the piece I have shared why and how did I think of traveling solo in India, what were my experiences and learning. I have learned that female solo travel in IndiaContinue reading “Why I Travel Solo In India”

Women at Basant Festival in Nizamuddin Dargah: A Photo Essay

Lastly, the thing I couldn’t capture in a photo was the male voices at the start of the namaaz saying, “Ladies log ko hatalo, namaaz shuru hone wala hai” (Remove the ladies, prayer is about to start)