The woman and her sewing machine – portrait of Indian middle class mother in 70s-80s

On the occasion of Mothers Day a photo story on mothers in the 70-80s featuring my mother and her sewing machine. I did this story on my personal blog earlier, sharing here today.

This Is My Truth

The Singer sewing machine is a cultural symbol from a bygone era. Every woman or man has their own memory and story around the Singer machine. My mom’s story begins when at the age of 11 she lost her mother. The sound of her mother working on the singer sewing machine till late night, when the kids were asleep, was one of the strongest memories she had left behind for my mother to hold on to.

When my parents were newly married and setting up their new home, mom wanted to relive her mother’s memory and so wished to buy a singer machine of her own. Back then all the finances at my parents house were being remote controlled by my paternal grand parents, although they didn’t stay with us. So the permission to buy a sewing machine had to be obtained from my grandfather who insisted on buying a…

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