Documentary Photography for NGO MAMTA HIMC

I recently worked on a writing and documentary photography project for Delhi based NGO MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child to create content for a coffee table book they are going to publish, which would chronicle 25 years of the organization’s journey. As part of the project I conducted research, data collection, interviews, story writing, and photography.

Around the early 1990s, on his first visit to Tigri, an urban poor settlement in South Delhi, to attend a republic day ceremony Dr Sunil Mehra one of Delhi’s revered pediatrician, then at the peak of his successful medical practice, observed that the state of child health in the area was alarmingly poor, children were suffering from malnutrition and lacked basic health care. He soon started operating a child OPD out of a mere khatiya lent to him by a tailor master. That’s how the organization journey began its journey and is now operating across South Asia in the field of maternal and child health care, TB, AIDS, and other communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Thus Tigri remains a core area of MAMTA’s activities and a special character in the story of its 25 years of journey. So a photo shoot was specially done by me in Tigri to capture stunning portraits of the MAMTA’s volunteers, staff and beneficiaries some of who have been with the organization for over 20 years and have literally grown old with it.

I cannot reveal content from Coffee Table Book as it is yet to release, but here are just a few photos from the shoot.

This fierce leader has been with MAMTA since its inception. An award wining Mahila Panchayat leader
Residents of Tigri Urban Settlement Colony


Curious residents of Tigri




MAMTA’s woman leaders who train young girls on entrepreneurship



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