One Surreal Evening at Dilli Haat: A Photo Drama

This is an experimental series, I have used a Lensbaby Spark lens, to give a dream or hallucination type of effect to the photos and the processing is done in such a manner to give it an effect as if these are scenes from a movie. Each of these photos tell a story but I won’t put them in words. Because when you add your story to a photo, it loses the opportunity to have any other meaning. I like to keep my photos open to interpretation, there is no inherent meaning or story, you may let your imagination to build your own story.

Location: Every Delhi lover knows Dilli Haat, even after the arrival of so many popular shopping malls in Delhi NCR, Dilli Haat remains one of the most interesting places for hanging out. It is one of the rare place for outdoor activity, otherwise usually in Delhi there are very few options for outdoor activity. If you want to go on a date, and say you and your partner don’t want to do the typical pub, dinner and movie, Dilli Haat is your best option to spend quality time amidst art, culture, cuisine and lots of shopping. At the same time, if you are a happily single person like me, this is the place to observe and study human faces and body language, that tells tales of myriad emotions and activities.

Only a hard core Delhiwalah will be able to guess why I have made the photo of the Momo signboard as the featured photo for Dilli Haat. 20 years ago,  when Dilli Haat was newly opened, this was the only place in all of Delhi where you could find mouth watering momos in reasonable price, one of main reasons why it was favourite hang out place for youth. I have many memories in Delhi Haat myself. The other thing we used to queue up for was the fruit beer, long before we were eligible to drink, fruit beer gave us all the kick we wished for. For Bengalis in Delhi, Dilli Haat was the only place two decades ago where you could find the most authentic Bengali cuisine, at the restaurant run by Bijoli Grill. Once I was visiting Kolkata and was looking for a Mutton Kobiraji one evening, my friend who was with me had no clue where to find it, she hadn’t even of heard of it, but I could always find all three kinds of Kobiraji in Bijoli Grill in Delhi Haat.

Even today, whenever I feel low, I visit this awesome place. Hope you will like the photos, do share your feedback.


One Surreal Evening at Dilli Haat

One Surreal Evening at Dilli Haat

Delhi Haat in the evening-37

Delhi Haat in the evening-29

Delhi Haat in the evening-8

Delhi Haat in the evening-9

Delhi Haat in the evening-10

Delhi Haat in the evening-11

Delhi Haat in the evening-30

Delhi Haat in the evening-12

Delhi Haat in the evening-13

Delhi Haat in the evening-14

Delhi Haat in the evening-15

Delhi Haat in the evening-16

Delhi Haat in the evening-31

Delhi Haat in the evening-19

Delhi Haat in the evening-20

Delhi Haat in the evening-21

Delhi Haat in the evening-22

Delhi Haat in the evening-24

Delhi Haat in the evening-25

Delhi Haat in the evening-28

Delhi Haat in the evening-26

Delhi Haat in the evening-27

Delhi Haat in the evening-23

Delhi Haat in the evening-32

Delhi Haat in the evening-33

Delhi Haat in the evening-34

Delhi Haat in the evening-36

Delhi Haat in the evening-7


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