Asmita Theater Group Performed in Sonepat

Founded by Arvind Gaur, theĀ Asmita Theatre GroupĀ is a 25 year old street and protest theater group. The group performs socially relevant theaters to register protest, raise social awareness. In it’s long history the group has never produced or performed commercial plays, though the artists are professional and doing this for a living, the cause stillContinue reading “Asmita Theater Group Performed in Sonepat”

Not In My Name, Jantar Mantar, Delhi: In Photos

Not In My Name, a peaceful non-violence Artistic event to protest against the growing incidence of cow vigilantism which has cost several innocent Muslim lives recently. Over thousands of middle class citizens across 14 cities in India and five cities outside India, including London, Boston and Karachi came together to make one loud message heard,Continue reading “Not In My Name, Jantar Mantar, Delhi: In Photos”