Wedding Rituals and Art

The wedding rituals, mantras and all activities around it are extremely important and as a photographer I try to capture as many rituals as possible.

Friends & Family Portraits

In a wedding, the bride is the VIP of the day, so a photographer’s camera is mostly fixed on the bride. But, I keep myself alert about what the friends and family are doing, and make sure I capture some of the best candid portraits of them. Here’s some of my personal favorite ones.

Stylized Theme Based Couple Shoots

Featuring images from two of my latest couple shoots, first one is themed ‘University love’ and the other one is young and shy love of a tourist new in Kolkata.

Forever Moments & Emotions

These candid moments have captured the emotions of the people during the wedding in its purest form possible.

The Wedding Day Labourers

Regards and gratitude to the labor class on this May day. The countless of them around us, making our day to day lives easy with their hard work. The elite class owes it to you. This May day, my tribute to the wedding day labourers of the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Marriages are made in…