Arpita Weds Shubhasish: Candid Wedding Photography By Sanjukta Basu

These are some photos from my most recent photo shoot. I had some of the greatest fun shooting this wedding. I was hired by Shubhasish’s elder sister but I already knew Shubhasish from a young age since he went to the same school as my cousin brother did. In their childhood, my cousin brother, Shubhasish and many of their friends had visited our house many times. So all those boys met me at the wedding after a long time, and couldn’t stop chatting up. It was almost like I am the VIP there instead of the bride and bridegroom. Since I write media stories on Indian politics these days, some of them even wanted to discuss some articles I have written. As a photographer in a wedding, it was overwhelming to get so much attention. I was secretly both embarrassed and happy, with all the love and affection.

Arpita and Shubhasish make a lovely cute couple. My heartiest wishes to them.

Arpita weds Shubhashish Low res-252


Bhat Kapor and Bou Bhat




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  1. Bonobology says:

    Weddings are the modern fairy tales. A glittery collection.


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