Mansi Weds Abhishek

She is a pilot, he is a sportsman, what an exciting match. Their wedding in December  2015 was a simple private ceremony with very close friends and family. There wasn’t a 3-4 days long series of events. I was not the official photographer since I was attending her wedding as a friend, but of course, if weddings are there can my camera be far. I specially bought a new Lens called Lensbaby for her wedding, in fact I made my other friends wait at the metro station while I picked up the lens and then we went for the wedding. I can be crazy like that. Not the official photographer yet buying  a new lens. That’s love of photography right? I just love this lens. It creates a special surreal effect on the photos as it puts focus on a very specific part and blurs out everything else. So at her wedding I was on a fun and experimental mode. Some of the wedding photos you see here are my very first shots with a Lensbaby, and they say it takes years of practice.

For candid and documentary style wedding photography call me at 9953936006

Mansi Mehendi-016

Mansi Mehendi-006

Mansi Weds Abhishek-6

Mansi Weds Abhishek-9

The mehendi ceremony didn’t have many guests except few family members and 2-3 of us friends. It was very late in the evening almost rolling into midnight. We had some good wine and I clicked photos.

Bridal portrait Mansi-3

Bridal portrait Mansi-1

The very first or second shot with the new Lensbaby

Bridal portrait Mansi-2

Mansi Weds Abhishek-10

mansi weds abhishek

Mansi Weds Abhishek-15

Mansi Weds Abhishek-16

Mansi Weds Abhishek-17

Mansi Weds Abhishek-18

Mansi Weds Abhishek-21

Mansi Weds Abhishek-22

Mansi Weds Abhishek-24

Mansi Weds Abhishek-25

portraying dulha abhishek mansi-4

I know I know, capturing the Dulha, experimenting with Lensbaby and the sweet spot is somewhere else but I would have missed the smile, if I would have tried to change lens.

Mansi Weds Abhishek-27

Mansi Weds Abhishek-28

Mansi Weds Abhishek-29

Mansi Weds Abhishek-30

Mansi Weds Abhishek-31





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