Murshidabad: Haunting Images of the Glorious Ruins

If Ruins Tourism is your thing, you cannot miss Murshidabad, the erstwhile capital of Bengal during Mughal times, and the center of commerce and administration during British times.

Murshidabad is dotted with ruins of its glorious past in every nook and corner which is heart breaking to say the least. You cannot help but wonder why the present government is not doing enough to restore and maintain the ruins and promote heritage tourism? The answer is perhaps blowing in the wind. Which of its glorious past would we be proud of, when our hearts are filled with hatred for both Islam and British rulers? Our history is a bloody wound that we keep scratching, we never forget, we never forgive, we take one step forward and ten step backwards.

Murshidabad is at a distance of 215 kms from Kolkata and is best reached by train. There is a station named Murshidabad but you should get down one stop before, at the Berhampur Court Station. This is because the major tourist spots are closer to this station, although the main attraction of Murshidabad, the Hazarduari Palace is closer to Murshidabad station. The two stations are at a distance of 15 mins by train, 25 mins by road.

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Here are a few photos


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