How to identify an original Canvera Album or Photobook

Recently, I attended the Canvera customer’s meet in New Delhi. After listening to the key note speaker, Mr. Ishaaq Daar who handles Canvera’s north India region, I was compelled to admire the brand more and was glad that I started my career as a Candid wedding photographer with Canvera and nothing else. He spoke about the various features of the Canvera albums and photobooks, the various products offered by the brand and the number of benefits you get as a wedding photographer by being associated with Canvera.

What struck me the most was that Canvera has for the first time created a brand value for wedding albums.

You want your wedding to be perfect, you want that Louis Philippe suit, that Sabyasachi lehenga, that Tanishq diamond ring; then why should the quality of your wedding album be determined by your studio photographer? Go for a branded wedding album and chose a brand that assures you the best quality. The choice is Canvera.

As Canvera launched its TV Commercial, the end customer have become aware of a new brand in the wedding retail market. As a result I get a lot of query from my friends and clients on what is Canvera and how to be sure that the album given by your photographer is actually a Canvera product and not a fake one? So I thought I’d detail out here, what I learned at the customer’s meet. So this is for all the newly weds who recently received a Canvera Coffee Table Book from me, or from any other photographer, here’s how to identify its genuineness:

  1. Quality Certificate: Your original Canvera album comes with a customized quality certificate which assures 3 simple things – i) that only the best quality raw materials have been used while preparing the album ii) that best-in-class craftsmanship have been used in manufacturing the album iii) and finally that Canvera will vigorously protect the privacy of the photographs.
  2. Bar Code: Your original Canvera album has a barcode on its last page. Go to and enter that Barcode at the given space for genuineness check. If your album is the authentic one, the website would show details of your album like, album title, wedding date, product type (premium or standard photobook), no. of pages, paper type, cover type, box type etc.
  3. Canvera Logo: Your original Canvera album would have the original logo on the last page.
  4. Hologram: Finally on the bottom of the album last page there would be a Canvera hologram

So now you can be sure that you have got the value for money you spent on your wedding photography.

Hope this post helps you in identifying an original Canvera Album.

If you have any further question on Canvera albums or if you want to know my quotes for wedding photography write to me at sanjukta[dot]basu23[at]gmail[dot]com

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Tanmay Dey says:



  2. anjanee kumar dhar says:

    Thanks for this post. Really it helps all photographer who likes to work with authentic kind of product.
    Can you guide me about the Paper used in album, and binding type? How it is different from Standard Photobook?


  3. vivek says:

    I have want to my album photo show. My marrige on13 Nov 2014.


  4. Abhishek Nirmal says:

    Too Good


  5. Amit Balhara says:

    what is the price of single canvera sheet.


  6. Samrat Wadhwa says:

    I ‘ve given my marriage album one nd a half year b4 but still I didn’t got it .tell me solution photographer didn’t respond at all. How I could get my album from canvera. ….


    1. Samrat Wadhwa says:

      Name of photographer at our city is Narula Photographer at Gidderbaha dist. Muktsar PB


  7. shrikant deore says:

    some photographer said canvera album is offset’s not give result. These album can not maintain colour it true?


    1. Sanjukta says:

      Shrikant – I am an independent photographer and have no connection with Canvera personally. I feel such claim is false. But it is difficult to tell, because after all they have only been in business for few years, only after 20-30 years we would know what is true.


  8. Sagar Lahiri says:

    How and where do I get canvera album price list,I am looking for full price lists,including per page and different sizes?I am a Kolkata based wedding photographer.Please help.


    1. Sanjukta says:

      Those are not publicly available. You can only get it from Canvera representative, by registering with them.


    2. amit das says:

      please get in touch with me ast 9886721147. i am from canvera and I can help you with your queries.
      Amit das


      1. amit das says:

        sorry , typo. the no is 9686721146. Amit


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