Bridal Portraits

One of the reasons I am a photographer is because I love to give people the joy of being beautiful. After a certain wedding shoot, the bridegroom Madhurendra Jha called me up and said, “I never thought in my whole life that I could look good in a photo, thank you so much.” This was the greatest compliment to my photography.

From our childhood photographs fascinates us. We want to look best in a photo. Self photography with our cell phone camera is something we all do, don’t we? It gives us immense joy to see a great picture of ourselves. Aditi and Madhurendra felt that joy, they were overwhelmed by the photographs of their wedding and both said that, we never knew we were that good looking.

The joy they felt made my becoming a photographer successful. Presenting here some of the most beautiful ladies I’ve seen captured even more beautifully by my camera.

Pooja weds Tamoghna - mehendi-28

Pooja weds Tamoghna - Bridal Portrait-3

Pooja weds Tamoghna - Bridal Portrait-1

Sisters Wedding Photo Documentary-43 (800x530)

Bridal portrait Rohini

Bridal portrait Chitra

Bridal Portrait Suparna

Bridal Portrait Sidra


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